Custom Tallit Banner

Custom Tallit Banner

Friday, June 29, 2018

Lots of Blue

Four shades of blue, from dark royal to very light silvery blue, on midnight navy shantung silk. This one was fun to make. I made one like this for a boy in Michigan four months ago, and this one is going to a girl in Oregon.

Monday, April 16, 2018

New in the Shop

Because of illness in the family, I have not been able to do any custom work for the past five weeks. I simply could not commit to deadlines. I have, however, found time here and there to work on my own designs. These and others are available now in my Online Shop:

Three shades of turquoise on off-white dupioni.
Full tallit blessing on the atarah.

Pink and peach on off-white dupioni.
"Lehit'atef batzitzit" on the atarah.

Red and black on off-white dupioni dupioni.
Full tallit blessing on the atarah.

Forest green and pale mint green on pistachio dupioni.
Full tallit blessing on the atarah.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Blue and White

This tallit is at the same time traditional and modern. Modern because of the simplicity of the four bold stripes; traditional because of the color scheme of royal blue, sky blue, and white. The base fabric is white dupioni silk, and the full tallit blessing is embroidered on the atarah by hand.

Available now in my Online Shop.

Wine and Navy

A calm mood in this tallit made of softly gleaming ecru dupioni silk with just a simple stripe of wine and navy. I sometimes think that the simplest designs are the most beautiful, and this one is an example of that kind of thinking.

Available now in my Online Shop.

Blue and Purple

This striking color scheme of blue and purple on bright white was carefully chosen by the Bar Mitzvah boy. His mother tells me it came out just as he had imagined it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Wine Red on Winter White

The stripe arrangement in this very feminine tallit is a little unusual: Instead of stripes at each end of the tallit, this one features a long band of wine red satin ribbon running the length of the tallit. You might think this was just because I wanted to add interest to the back view (and you would be right), but the reason for that stripe was actually a very practical one. I had two pieces of that winter white dupioni silk, each too narrow to make a tallit. I sewed them together, and then added the ribbon to hide the seam from view! This way I didn't have to throw out two pieces of perfectly good silk, and the end result is kind of nice, I think.

I also had some sheer lavender and gold ribbon that made the atarah come alive.

Atlantic Blue and Platinum

I didn't know what "Atlantic blue" was until I ordered this shade of dupioni silk. You might call it greenish blue or bluish green, but in either case, it's a wonderfully deep and rich color. Here it is paired with a wide band of neutral platinum dupioni. The tallit blessing is embroidered in a color that matches the Atlantic blue almost exactly.

This one is now sold, but I have more of the fabrics and could make another one.