Custom Tallit Banner

Custom Tallit Banner

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Wine Red on Winter White

The stripe arrangement in this very feminine tallit is a little unusual: Instead of stripes at each end of the tallit, this one features a long band of wine red satin ribbon running the length of the tallit. You might think this was just because I wanted to add interest to the back view (and you would be right), but the reason for that stripe was actually a very practical one. I had two pieces of that winter white dupioni silk, each too narrow to make a tallit. I sewed them together, and then added the ribbon to hide the seam from view! This way I didn't have to throw out two pieces of perfectly good silk, and the end result is kind of nice, I think.

I also had some sheer lavender and gold ribbon that made the atarah come alive.

Available now in my Online Shop.

Atlantic Blue and Platinum

I didn't know what "Atlantic blue" was until I ordered this shade of dupioni silk. You might call it greenish blue or bluish green, but in either case, it's a wonderfully deep and rich color. Here it is paired with a wide band of neutral platinum dupioni. The tallit blessing is embroidered in a color that matches the Atlantic blue almost exactly.

Available now in my Online Shop.

Monday, December 18, 2017

White and Turquoise

Here's another low-budget tallit, even simpler than the lavender and blue, yet very pretty. Super fresh and feminine with off-white dupioni silk and two shades of turquoise.

Available now in my Online Shop.

Lavender and Blues

I've been working with different colors, focusing on fairly simple design without time-consuming embroidery so that I can offer a reasonably low-budget, yet pretty alternative. Here's a pretty one with silver, smoky blue, and lavender on off-white dupioni silk.

Available now in my Online Shop.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Blue and Green on Black

No embroidery.
This one was fun to make. The black silk noil (raw silk) is soft and easy to sew and shows fewer wrinkles than the white noil. This is definitely my go-to fabric from now on when making a black tallit. The fabric is a true black and has a great, soft drape that makes it easy to wear. The vivid royal blue and bottle green contrast nicely with the black, and I added a small amount of peacock green that I had left from earlier projects - too little to use it as a main feature.

The person who bought this asked me to add an embroidered blessing on the atarah, and so the tallit ended up taking on a different look.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Print Lettering

Until now, I have only done hand embroidery in Hebrew script letters, because their rounded shapes fit my overlapping forward stitches better. Every once in a while I am asked for print letters, and in those cases I have sent the work out to a machine embroiderer. That was not a perfect choice for me, though, because then I didn't feel that the tallit was all "mine".

I have now found a font whose simple and rounded shapes I can stitch, with one caveat: The print lettering is available only on a light background. I draw the script letters freehand and can use a light marker on a dark fabric. The print letters, however, need to be more uniform, and I have to trace them on a light box. That only works with light-colored fabrics.

Cotton Tallit to Take to Camp

Two simple all-cotton tallitot - both sturdy enough to take to camp, yet pretty enough to wear to synagogue. The simple design and lack of embroidery keep the prices low.

The blue and white for the traditional look; the red and black for a little flair.

These are now sold, but I can make similar ones.